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Discipleship inspired within / Expressed through Creative Arts

  • Drawing Lessons
  • Music Lessons
  • Creative Writing
  • Storymaking
  • Maker Projects
  • Idea Coaching

Starting in September World Changer Studio will open online with print & video lessons in all things creative! It’s designed to work hand in glove with the Child Soul program. Sign up early and get the first 4 months free!

Though these lessons and resources are an addition to the Child Soul book and curriculum, they will tie directly into the themes and general development philosophy of the book.

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Create a New Meaningful Bond With
Your Child.

Through Engaging Conversations About Their Dreams and Interests Then Expressed Through Their Own Giftedness.

A one-year program that draws out your child’s God-given purpose through powerful coaching conversations and activities that inspire creative expression of their developing identity.

Monthly Themes









Program Elements

Parent /Teacher Guide

Parent-Child Coaching Conversations

Inspiring Stories

Art & Music Projects

Student-directed Creative Expression Projects

Parent’s Blessings

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